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Party newspaper full page reports this veteran hav









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[study group is pressed]
The the Chinese People's Liberation Army founds an army 90 years coming, 18 days, study group is recommended " People's Daily " article " 8 a period of ten days are veteran " net thing " beacon " , related the story of a veteran Yin Jixian among them.
He has experienced the battle such as war of liberation, the War to Resist Us Aggression and Aid Korea, escape from death; He network of year of contact of nearly 8 a period of ten days, with the finger of damage damage one word knocks the true associate with that gives warlike years one sentence, deliver the good faith with sturdy absolute sincerity, in making youth frame of mind, chase after esteem admire " big V " " the net is red " .
A lot of detail in article, very moving, does for instance somebody ask " the war in drama of movie and TV and real difference how many? " Yin Jixian replies, in the film " have drink, have make a target, have male, female soldier jumbly together, go up in battlefield rescue the wounded is very vivid and lively. Do not have these toward little ground actually, I know army forbids to drink. Know this one hour only I am living, next hour is not safe, where idea makes a target " .
Somebody asks " the soldier that advanced platoon develops when the war is almost die surely " . Yin Jixian says, not certain. The enemy leaves on battlefield 200 meters of soldiers in, suffer firearms menace only, can climb, boil, sheer. From the enemy 200 meters come the 1000 menace that small-sized artillery piece gets in rice, climb it is dangerous to boil; 1000 suffer to 10000 meters big in the artillery piece of caliber is minatory. 10000 plane menace suffers besides rice. Can say to enter warlike age, doing not have one place is safe. " Yin Jixian replies this to be called by the netizen " the answer that ability of the person that kiss all previous only speaks " .
More content, read full text please.
8 a period of ten days are veteran " net thing " beacon
If days can be received to rise, the half a lifetime before Yin Jixian is the bravest that paragraph of the proudest also life, deposit in the beanbag with that old hand.
He shakes off the thing in beanbag, asing if was to open box of a demon, the breath of smoke of gunpowder, flames of war, plangent, iron and blood diffuses to come from which, congest he shows constraint bedroom slightly.
Install in beanbag, it is milistary exploit chapter of Yin Jixian.
Souvenir badge of the Huai-Hai Campaign is a small golden breast order, the two quite gules musket of gules five-pointed star, across, "The Huai-Hai Campaign commemorates " 6 rubric are marked ground anaglyph go up at its, that day bright red already was precipitated by years dark red, enthusiastic and dignified. The Yin Jixian that was born 1932 is returned at that time is boy of head of a wool, belong to along with place 27 army 81 division enter a battle, again and again and Azrael brush a shoulder and pass. The bullet that the head that he ever looked at him comrade-in-arms is flown to is shot wear, everything happens in oneself at the moment. Still have after this soldier is flat at a heat, yin Ji Xianxiang should send one's own side to wrap up him in place, but bullet of the top of head flies violently, cannot carry at all remove a person to walk, final Yin Jixian puts the comrade-in-arms in army on the coat, pulling this army coat belly, sent the comrade-in-arms wrap up; Another, it is Azrael lay a finger on him Yin Jixian, encountering the enemy's firepower suddenly in him of trench, he attacks to have not be over instinctively the entrenchment of labour, but entrenchment is too shallow, lie when going in, he feels himself clearly hind the back still is exposed in a heil of bullets. Have so flashy he feels he is hit clearly, what what I hope is bullet just shoots the cotton coat that wore his massiness from flank -- in the war in a gleam of of life and death, even if of this kind of thing can be called lucky, let a person very hard also feel relaxed.
Yellow cupreous crosses river battle souvenir badge to go up, under furious billows of quarter 1000 sail one holds a gun the liberation army soldier of assault, the brim of the souvenir badge of penetrate into of bayonet in a way of musket, small design transfers the power that gives bold in feeling, but in the memory in Yin Jixian, this battle however be impregnated with is wet the memory of cold water. In crossing river battle, what Yin Jixian belongs to army to Shanghai set out, army overshoots the Yangtse River from time to tome charger does not agree to go aboard, yin Jixian pulls an equestrian bridle to get on Ma Xiangchuan drag, however by surprise was swung to enter the Yangtse River by charger. Yin Jixian overshot drenchedly all over the Yangtse River, caught up with consecutive plum rains weather again however, next a month, did not cross dress of one the ten Heavenly Stems, yin Jixian and his comrade-in-armses, every are like dip momently in gloomy and cold Jiang Shuizhi...
Witness this paragraph of history together still have emancipatory medal, the gules five-pointed star on aureate medal is radiative on a tower over a city gate of Tian An Men ray. What issued this 1955 is numismatic, for Yin Jixian the experience in war of liberation became solid footnote.
Fight souvenir badge of beautiful aid face, its ribbon had faded, the gules five-pointed star of main body, gules part also flaked many. This shows the appearance of vicissitudes of life especially, the suggestion wears this to be regarded as by later ages " break U.S. Army myth " " feel proud and elated " glorious battle backside, having hard miserable intense of Yan Yu and solemn and stirring. Yin Jixian's memory is fixed eyes on at 5 most difficult battle, prewar the class is returned to go up after arousing, yin Jixian's monitor sent two white list to every soldier, let them write on oneself full name, family full name and address, one seams the left in the side in the dress, one seams the right in the side in trousers.
These two positions, up to now Yin Ji Xiandou remembers clearly. The monitor says, no matter finally is,leave half body so, who is can admitting.
Even if such, yin Jixian still examined minutely: If rectify an individual to be burned by incendiary smooth? Batter down of the machine gun that be weighed? The monitor says, that can calculate only be missing. Yin Jixian is grouchy, was to think of to be met dead, 2 if,be afraid die in the last ditch count be missing, draw equal-sign with army deserter, lose face. Then he and Cui Ke are ascended, 3 comrade-in-armses had discussed Zhang Jilong, Liu Yutang, wrote down each other full name and family address, who is living finally went back, the comrade-in-arms home that wants to did not come back knows to be met, say he sacrifices in battlefield, glorious, did not lose face.
One week later, liu Yutang encountered the U.S. Army's plane mow when crossing Hanjiang, after getting shot, be swept by Jiangshui, "Be missing " go up in battlefield; After a month, zhang Jilong and Yin Jixian are tired together in the U.S. Army's gunfire, tepid ground is drippy in the smoke of gunpowder after explosion go up personally in Yin Jixian, the blood that is a comrade-in-arms and brains... Yin Jixian of remnant Cui Ke Denghe together living left Korea. Besides these 3 comrade-in-armses, yin Ji Xianhai has written down the full name of a lot of comrade-in-armses that had fought side-by-side together and address of communication and liaison, brushstroke brushstroke ground is written on Xiaobenzi. Of Xiaobenzi inside the page is being written with the pen " Yu Chaoxian accept as a souvenir. 1955.1 " , the crustaceous the title page of a thread-bound book of blackish green color is already old old fall off again rebound over- , bound line already was ground darkly sleek. Cover is imprinting big character of 4 handwritten form " peaceful diary " , the Tian An Men of line drawing and Muscovite Immanuel tower are below, both compares a shoulder and stand, the peace that holding olive branch only is columbine, the cover that sufferring misery from this has flown...
Yin Jixian calls in these milistary exploit chapters hop-pocket.
Smoke of gunpowder and flames of war, flashy also disappeared from inside this space. The kitchen is transmitting a meal sweet, chop of upstairs resident fast knife is worn meat stuffing. Outside the window, big grapevine leaf is so green that big grapevine leaf shine, in a few parents of aunt in the courtyard short can hear in the clarity in the room of this first floor.
Nowadays, smoke of gunpowder of flames of war is only in memory just in that way close to. In the vintage village that sees in everywhere of the city austral this Beijing, how are already emeritus Yin Jixian and everybody enjoying peaceful life euqally. What differ with someone else is, in those blood that had shed for peace, a when have him himself.
Yin Jixian of 85 years old has move and age not of conform to lofty with forceful. Conversation is stentorian, language fast very fast, enrage in dye-in-the-wood. With person handclasp when, line of the muscle on the arm is seen dimly. What refine of life temper by dipping in water goes out is able-bodied be in as before, making he is looked like is just be retreated and did not rest, only the entrenchment that the gully on the face is like time dig down, witnessed years. If acquaintanceship the person of a few, know his actual age, what also know he is to had attended war of liberation and the War to Resist Us Aggression and Aid Korea is veteran, it is the person kiss all previous of past of a paragraph of balefire.
Their understanding serves as veteran Yin Jixian. But may not is known -- " veteran Yin Jixian " .
This is not had in vain continuously it seems that slant strangely phrase is name of a net. The network interlocution community that has an effect extremely in home " know " on, user " veteran Yin Jixian " the person that have 109480 attention, the problem altogether that he answers harvested the support of the netizen that nod assist 236479 times, these numbers still are rising ceaselessly up to now. On the platform that contributes new topic, new phenomenon, new content for Chinese Internet ceaselessly in this, the attention that has above of 10 thousand people can ascend personally " have force " " big V " cavalcade, and the person that achieve 100 thousand attention, already had sth used to one's own advantage " how to manage from media " sermon opening world, day receives a bottle of gold. "Veteran Yin Jixian " achievement, enough is admired evil spirit great majority tries to carry a network " go out " become " opinion cacique " or " from media " youth.
A word, according to the view of nowadays popularity, "Veteran Yin Jixian " be " the net is red " , of 85 years old of advanced age " the net is red " .
What the person of the war that kiss all previous is still living and in good health nowadays is not little, but be willing and can share through Internet and youth communication, can be counted on one's fingers. Know on the problem about the war and answer are very much, but come from the person that the war kisses all previous " advise others by using one's own experience " , "Veteran Yin Jixian " it is at present alone.
Experiencing direct and relevant problem with battlefield is " veteran Yin Jixian " main answering question field. In the problem " the war has much cruelty " in the answer, yin Jixian recollected the War to Resist Us Aggression and Aid Korea 5 times battle the 3rd phase, keep soldiers " ravenous search a dot to eat from the dead body " " the dew that cultivates leaf to go up with great part of a historical period in the morning is brushed brush the mouth, or it is the dew that licks the leaf that lick a tree to go up with the tongue " , write advanced line hospital " only a skin connects the arm of the wounded to go up in the body, not careful arm was lost " , write oneself a few times to brush a shoulder and pass with Azrael. He kept this key 2500 much words, harvested 8000 for many times " dot assist " . And in another problem " the soldier that advanced platoon develops when the war dies surely almost, why to still meet charge of ground of honor permits no turning back " in, yin Jixian replies: "You ask: The soldier that advanced platoon develops when the war dies surely almost. It is not certain that I say. The enemy leaves on battlefield 200 meters of soldiers in, suffer firearms menace only, can climb, boil, sheer. From the enemy 200 meters come the 1000 menace that small-sized artillery piece gets in rice, climb it is dangerous to boil; 1000 suffer to 10000 meters big in the artillery piece of caliber is minatory. 10000 plane menace suffers besides rice. Can say to enter warlike age, doing not have one place is safe. " this answer is called by the netizen " the answer that ability of the person that kiss all previous only speaks " .
To the war, besides tell about, yin Jixian also needs sometimes " in order to ensure a right understanding of the facts " .
"The war in drama of movie and TV and real difference how many? " Yin Jixian replies, in the film " have drink, have make a target, have male, female soldier jumbly together, go up in battlefield rescue the wounded is very vivid and lively. Do not have these toward little ground actually, I know army forbids to drink. Know this one hour only I am living, next hour is not safe, where idea makes a target " .
With most elder, yin Ji Xianye likes to discuss belief and viewpoint of value with the youth, for instance " believe communism is a kind of what kind of experience " . Yin Jixian recalled the life that he works part time to the landlord in one's childhood, family meal of be on short commons, within an inch of changes young daughter go off with commissariat; Still recollected oneself to eat the sweet potato in the home stealthily to do within an inch of to die him choke. "Volunteer 1949 application attends the Communist Party. I say on the oath congress of the party: My belief communism, abide by party program, party constitution, dare to die struggles for the communism, interest that is people. From now on my job is active, fight brave, always thinking me is a communist, the feeling is glorious. " he writes finally: "Present kid, the life has in what do not have a war take the environment that has the peace that wear in, cannot experience us this generation person is right communistic belief. " this is more polite, touch sometimes on " gas person " problem, his mood can be weighed more.
A person of high position is liable to be attacked. "Veteran Yin Jixian " " explode red " the person that drew a lot of doubt, somebody feels an old person of many years old 80 still sees post, answering question on the net, pile up on 89 words at every turn, fab, quiz " is veteran Yin Jixian sale date after all? " Yin Jixian immediately basks in the evidence of preliminary service officer that gave his, photograph that liberated Shanghai 1949, still have before leaving army 1959 martial attire according to.
Other the question that puts forward to be aimed at Yin Jixian, one's words is intense also there is no lack of its person, dan Yinji does not regret accordingly first " touch net " .
Be asked about " at present till, you had been done most what is the business that makes oneself proud " when, yin Jixian writes so:
"I had gone up 3 years to learn, 15 years old are a soldier advanced line fights 13 years to did not die, to mail of post-office escort in transportation, go up 30 years in the train. I learn Chinese Phonetic Alphabet 79 years old, the main experience of my lifetime can be made on computer. The feeling is proud. The feeling is proud..
Somebody feels, with Yin Jixian " veteran " the identity, the historical may not that tell about is true and authentic.
In fact, yin Jixian's identity did not bring plain sailing life to him, his life is accompanying the district of the exploration of new China, all the way rough, harships and row.
1958, return domestic Yin Jixian, be gone reading those who be located in piece of members of a family by the clique " crash middle school " . Before enter a school, he returned old home, saw a rural area in person " great leap forward " a variety of medium strange elephants. Yin Jixian thinks: Am I a soldier for what? It is to make everybody satiate meal, beg liberate. Now such, affirmation is incorrect. Return crash middle school, class of Yin auspicious preexistence says the information that gave him bluntly on the meeting, "Hear me how to say " , when clerk lets him sign on speech record, he did not hesitate.
See this data when Yin Ji Xianzai however when, it is the dazibao in him criticize and denounce sb go up. "Irrefutable evidence " , he by qualitative for right-wing. But in Yin Ji Xianxin ill-affected, he believes he does not have err.
Yin Jixian is being carried on the back " right-wing " fame be transferred to civilian work went to Beijing post and telecommunications office, this one choice becomes relaxed without the life that lets him. In mail of post and telecommunications office of the escort in transportation on the train, carsick add overworked to let Yin Jixian what eat, what to spit, whole person is skinny go down.
In hard in that way days, yin Jixian's old partner is produced for him early or late left 5 sons, let a person say not clear this is the exuberant burning incense that destiny compensation gives him, he as embarrassed as the life still opened a grim joke. In very long period of time, yin Jixian often is taking 5 sons twice, live in the one place of the post office in postal service hall, 40 square metre, 7 people. Each son gets married, yin Jixian gives a small from the cent in this 40 square metre, hit partition, authority makes the bridal chamber of young couple. When 40 square metre are divided to sons entirely, yin Jixian built the small shed of a 3 square metre again outside house, with the old partner two people, living is to make old.
1990, yin Jixian retired. The old partner did not work, yin Jixian's scanty pension, cannot let them how enjoy old age at all. Year the Yin Jixian of a 6 a period of ten days can choose to go out to work only allowance family expenses, made a solderer. About a hundred kilograms of heavy furnace grate, yin Jixian is in charge of soldering, additionally two fellow workers are carried. The job is very tired, but he of Gu Daore bowel more be put into trouble of others of not to be exposed to. A fellow worker that is in charge of carrying is tired, yin Jixian takes grip, be in however an error when placing furnace grate, about a hundred kilograms furnace grate is bungled on right hand forefinger of Yin Jixian continuously, that all previous devoteds to as before via a heil of bullets the finger of post, fall in the weigh of the life immediately and break. Till today, clavier of knock of Yin Jixian every time, when clicking a mouse, that is misshapen and particularly disadvantageous right hand forefinger, as if reminding his hardship former days.
Today, get married as children establish course of study and national policy fulfil, yin Jixian's life had been improved greatly. Even if is such also very it's hard to say is " after suffering comes happiness " : Before in that way associate with years, 4 this simple words also appear a little coltish.
Even if is such, yin Jixian is mixed to party, country of the government support as before sturdy and enthusiastic.
What after new China of dare not or would not speak up holds water, he never takes freshness pain, his be like,tell about soon like frozen river slow and dignified, more the part for ever that goes up at telling about battlefield very. But he also says, those years although suffer from, but before new China holds water, should suffer from more than this.
"Want to divide the mainstream and affluent, the way that the country develops is good. " " as long as be to be helpful for country and people, I support, support. Support..
In historical torrent, yin Jixian is standing fast from beginning to end, open big double eye, go with sincerity and courage experience, observation, record, tell about, gave out oneself answer.
1997, yin Jixian is moved into the house of the eldest son. He what how come down surely eventually, with the life medium narrow work hard waves take one's leave.
This year, be called by a lot of people later " Chinese Internet the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor " : The predecessor of Netease, Sohu, sina founds in this year, "Cheap " " 163 dial get online " let Internet first time fly to home of common common people. The billowy great waves of these lift timeses, do not have be mixed however with the Yin Jixian at that time. That clumsy however Xin Rui's Yintenaite, what retire with this is veteran, as if to not be in same a world.
Be mixed happened 2009. That year, of child of Yin auspicious preexistence lead, pushed the entrance door of Internet for the first time. The Internet when those, had been reality of no less than of degree of a complex diverse and confused is brand-new heaven and earth, guest of search engine, forum, rich, gregarious website... all change quickly, all never heard of before, to Yin Jixian, especially such.
However, in this completely new world, yin Jixian discovered his familiar a few part however -- familiar, it seems that very unfamiliar.
That is the times of mud and sand are carried along-there is mingling of good and bad of an Internet information. Huge document and graph article data are changed from paper, film as electronic data, borrow travel at full speed by the network; And meanwhile, the books containing anecdotes of buccal ear according to legend, of at one's leisure lacy talk endowment, also multiply along with all the others went up the express that the electron changes, gallop on information freeway.
Yin Jixian sees, be a paragraph of war years of paragraph of close to him all previous " another telling about " , be widely divergent with his memory " historical truth " , still have an implied meaning below each " such before " " big horizon " reply.
Knowing is what person, bombastic to war and history, letter mouth leaves give surging great river, concoctive, bespatter, bring shame on... the opinion on public affairs of irrelevant draws a lot of chasing after to hold in both hands however with dot assist. But ever personal park the Yin Jixian in that paragraph of history, however can dummy is like the ground to look at, whats do not say, more do not talk to go up refute -- if why reply on the net,he is connected even, not be very clear.
If in these population is " true " , what is the years in the artillery fire that Na Yinji experiences first? He those no longer is Yi Yi unripe brightness what is milistary exploit chapter? Those has heard smoke of gunpowder, asperse comrade-in-arms of the warm blood that give, returnless... what be?
If the truth is silent, bacchic crammer can become the fact slowly. Yin Jixian does not sit.
When 79 years old, yin Jixian begins study Chinese Phonetic Alphabet and type, stepped the first pace that sounds on the net.
Snapped finger, hitting a word to come is by no means agile; Year nearly 8 a period of ten days, also not be the good age that learns new thing absolutely. But the learning process that this alien looks very difficult, if,Yin Jixian is inspected however common. What cross battlefield life and death to experience probably is veteran and character, what this just nots worth to be carried is difficult.
His earliest network " position " chose sina rich settle or live in a strange place, at that time, this is most the individual that gets attention writes platform. Yin Jixian wrote down more than 300 articles with long short length in sina rich guest. In the classified label of the article, have occupy macrocephalic " memoir of period of War of Resistance Against Japan " " memoir of war of liberation " character of close all previous, also have " comment on to international " " healthy " such category. Article do a sum in writing of Yin Jixian is not superior, connect literal sometimes clear and coherent have a problem, but his experience is his unique fortune. Picture " I smell the martyr that perfume remembers Korea " , write martyr of lay a body in a coffin of little ground of his hold office at court people remains, cover your person with perfume hard close cadaver is smelly, arrive in vain continuously a little rude written language, compare sweat and agreeable however " beautiful work " the power that has shock heart more.
The Yin Jixian that on rich guest the pen does not stop n cultivated land drew the attention of a lot of people gradually, netizen " float is unripe not half " namely among them one of. Below his guiding, yin Ji Xianlai arrived " know " this new " position " .
Compared with sina rich guest, know more young change; And serve as " community " , know gregarious attribute is stronger also. Here, yin Jixian bring into contact with more youths, also had more and youth to communicate the opportunity of collision directly.
It is among a flock of young Zhang date, yin Ji Xianxian gets some to stand to go alone especially. His know Zhang date " the profession is experienced " one column is being filled " · of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 0 words the 538452nd officer " , "Education is experienced " one column is being filled " war of · of junior high school " ; "Resume " ground of from beginning to end is recording column criterion oneself learn to acquire emeritus whole experience as a child, time arrives accurately month, allow like the essence like archives.
In this faceless wear for beware of of the mainstream, everybody on the Internet of the discharge outside oneself individual information, yin Jixian is such " go into battle stripped to the waist " , be afraid of really " person pork " ? Yin Jixian says, what I say is truth, my whats are afraid of so.
And in the young netizen that communicates with Yin Jixian, diffident person have, "Take a brick " and even of speak rudely also there is no lack of its person, but this not quite the interest that affects Yin Jixian and youth communication. He says, see these youths read, go abroad study abroad, saw oneself and comrade-in-armses in those days the meaning place of go through fire and water, very happy.
The Yin Jixian nowadays, every sky net, write a thing. Two hours in the morning, two hours afternoon, two hours in the evening, look be like " net bug " rear, have move and " net bug " big surprise its are interesting, often be sent and obstinate discipline sex.
Yes, yin Jixian gets online 6 hours everyday, but he not " curtilage " . Motion exercises the another large interest that is him: Marathon, climb, walk... have some of interest that produces in the city quite again. About motion and long life, he has his result very much.
Besides, he still is in " senile university " study video editing and rearrangement and Photoshop. He is showing the small video that he makes very happily, it is slide of very simple dub in background music only, material comes from the old photograph that he has faded mostly, although simple, but think of this out the hand of old person of 8 a period of ten days, let popular feeling give birth to devoir again.
In this day after day " SARS " old people is daily in, on Yin Ji Xianshen " old style " and " trendy " , " veteran " and " netizen " producing wonderful chemical reaction, and those characters that create finally, be afraid who to hold the post of to also cannot be disregarded. Actually, "Float is unripe not half " and a few otherer enthusiastic netizen, arranging Yin Jixian's article hard, hope can collect articles into a volume is published. But in the market that receives to come out originally in this net red autobiography and chicken broth reader, of Yin Jixian memoir publish appear a little hard however. "Float is unripe not half " say, if paper publication has difficulty, they also can make electronic book, anyhow, endeavor.
Visit Yin Jixian that afternoon, the Yin Jixian when leaving insists to want to send me to the subway to stand, let photograph of an old person of 8 a period of ten days send my heart to have ashamed idea, but he and age unworthily physique and energy let my have no way refuse however. After before the subway stands, parting company, I look later, the form of the Yin Jixian in the setting sun is in next tired out stream of people as before abrupt and forceful, resemble a rejects to often go poplar in concrete forest.
Reporter: Ma Chong " People's Daily " (on July 18, 2017 24 edition)
Origin: Study a group

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